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Treasury Board

Learn more about Treasury Board and how you can request funds
The SGA Treasury Board is made up of eight voting members across all classes at CUA. This group of directors is led by the Treasurer, Brendan Dillon, who votes only in cases of a tie.  Treasury Board is responsible for allocating funds out of the student activity fee to all student organizations for operations, programming events, other related costs.

Confused on how to submit a funding request to Treasury Board? See below for helpful links.
Meet The Treasury Board
  1. Treasurer
    Brendan Dillon
  2. Director
    Vincent Lundy
  3.  Director
Treasurer Pro Tempore
    Director Treasurer Pro Tempore
    Serena Viti
  4. Director
    Susan Reiter
  1. Director
    Darby Grant
  2. Director
    Katharine Archer
  3. Director
    Monica Wallace
  4. Director
    Mike Matkovic
How to Submit a Funding Request
TB Event Presentation Template
TB Itemized Budget Template